Toxmax CZX 184 Motors


  • AC/DC: DC
  • Type: EC
  • Other characteristics: compact, reinforced, robust, heavy-duty, conveyor, cast iron, cast iron frame


Throughout the world, Toxmax  provides sophisticated and future-proof solutions for processes in the steel and aluminium industry, which cater for present and future requirements. Extensive expertise for the metals industry enables MACTEC  to supply tough, custommanufactured drives suited to the extreme environments in this field.

Solutions are available e.g. for:

  • Continuous casting
  • Furnaces
  • Hot rolling
  • Accelerated cooling zones
  • Handling
  • Processing lines
  • Unventilated (IC 410) Motors – reliable under extreme conditions.
  • Completely enclosed design (up to IP66)
  • Available as circular fin or longitudinal fin designs
  • Shock-absorbing cast iron housings EN‑GJL-200 (GG200)
  • Reinforced A end shield made from robust cast iron EN‑GJS-400-15 (GGG40)
  • Heavy-duty bearings and shafts
  • Individual project-based winding adaption
  • Hard torque characteristics with high breakdown torque value
  • Insulation systems for inverter feedings
  • Insulation class ISO H